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Ian Benouis, Attorney at Law


Ian graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1986 and was a Blackhawk helicopter pilot in the Army and combat veteran. He attended the University of Houston Law Center, graduating in 1997.


Since that time Ian has held numerous positions in various industries, including the position of General Counsel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Vice President of Operations. He is a business owner and entrepreneur, having built a number of companies and worked at a number of startups.


In addition to experience in Immigration law, Ian has expertise in the area of Intellectual Property.



Jim Foley, Senior Paralegal


Jim has been a business owner and entrepeneur for over 36 years and has created a number of successful businesses currently in operation. He is a true pioneer in the guestworker industry having started Foley Enterprises over a decade ago which was one of the very first companies offering assistance to business owners trying to take advantage of the H-2A and H-2B programs.


When Jim started very few people knew about the guestworker programs and even less knew how to correctly and effectively utilize them.  He learned the process inside and out and successfully utilized the program in his landscape business. Eventually, Jim shared his experience openly and ended up teaching the process to many of the attorneys and companies that are presently offering these services.


After providing over 2,000 companies with the placement and recruitment of over 50,000 quality guestworkers Jim came to the realization that the most effective way to provide guestworker services was by offering his services under the supervision of attorneys who could provide the legal component, which was becoming increasingly expected by clients in the industry.  The Benouis Law Office is the result of that vision.

Maureen Olshan, Senior Paralegal


Maureen Olshan's professional life has been dedicated to providing personal service to the public. Maureen's career started with the Social Security Administration (SSA) as a Social Insurance Specialist.


She would assist the public in person to establish and entitle them to Social Security Benefits. These contacts allowed her to obtain, clarify, and verify data used to analyze claims and make benefit entitlement decisions.


This included speaking with beneficiaries about their rights under the Social Security laws, gathering facts and evidence to establish eligibility for benefits, making critical decisions to determine the amount of benefits paid to individuals.


She received numerous awards of recognition for outstanding performance.


Eventually, Maureen became the Quality Reviewer of all retirement, disability, and survivor benefits for the SSA office that she worked; ensuring that all claims for benefits contained the proper documentation, and to guarantee the accuracy and quality of the application.


She performed District-wide training within SSA, training on benefit entitlements and new legislation. This career allowed Maureen to develop skills that prepared her for positions as a technical expert on Social Security programs.


After a successful career with the Social Security Administration (18 years), Maureen ventured out on her own, starting a landscape company in Texas. The landscape company gave her the understanding of what obstacles a small company has to face; especially in the labor market. She utilized the H-2B program in keeping a solid workforce. After six years, she sold her company and went to work for Foley Enterprise and attorneys in processing H-2A and H-2B petitions.


She is continuously involved in legislative and regulatory matters affecting these programs. Today, Maureen feels at home again completing the governmental forms that started her career; and, enjoys the contact that she has with her many clients.